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An improved and more dependable measure than adolescents’ self-reported sexual history may be the straightforward results of medical STD assessments. .. Analysis of ‘virginity pledges’ Adolescents who sign a virginity pledge and then go on to have got premarital sex will probably disavow having signed such a pledge, according to an analysis of study data by Harvard College of Public Health researcher Janet Rosenbaum published in the advance online edition of the American Journal of Public Health’s June 2006 issue. Conversely, adolescents who have acquired premarital sex and opt to make a virginity pledge are likely to misreport their previously sexual history.According to the Chicago Tribune: The simple, perforated sheaths of metallic are ornamental, but their work is to safeguard and conceal something of data-collection sensors that will measure quality of air, light intensity, sound quantity, heat, precipitation and wind. The sensors may also count people by measuring wireless signals on cellular devices. City officials who authorized the devices are trying to move them off as nothing harmful; it’s simply the city conducting study: The curled metal fixtures set to go up on a small number of Michigan Avenue light poles later this summer may appear to be delicate bits of sculpture, but experts say they’ll provide a big step forward in the manner Chicago knows itself by observing the city’s people and environment.