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The 45 – to 54-year-old generation experienced the largest upsurge in injury mortality prices. This combined group experienced a twenty five % increase, for yet another 8,000 deaths in 2004. In comparison, the 20-29-12 months age group acquired an 8 % increase in total injury death rates. Unintentional poisonings accounted for more than 50 % of the upsurge in each group. Shared risk elements could contribute to the upsurge in multiple injury types and age groups, Arias said. For example, the recent increase in prescription drug misuse through the same time period in these age groups could possess contributed to an increase in mortality due to suicide, homicide, unintentional poisoning, and other styles of unintentional injury.But this humble plant is incredibly handy in normal also, day-to-day situations too. In case you have access to an certain region with cattail, a fantastic survival resource is right at your fingertips. Year-round usefulnessMost of us attended across cattail at one time or another. Distinguished by a brownish cigar-shaped head on a hearty stalk, cattail grows in wet areas near streams often, ponds and lakes. Among the most functional wild plants, cattail presents different uses during each time of year. Early spring – Refreshing shoots begin to sprout and may become dug up and eaten raw or sauteed. Additionally, the lower portion of the leaves can be added to salads. Summer – This is the time of year when the uses for cattail are most abundant.