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American teacher educating Liberians about Ebola MONROVIA.

American teacher educating Liberians about Ebola MONROVIA, Liberia – – Health care employees are on another run in the overcrowded slum of Westpoint in Liberia’s capital. Through the warren of narrow alleys, they perform one of the most dangerous jobs in the global world. The Ebola virus is indeed contagious that a good moment’s insufficient concentration can be fatal . The employees locate a man who has Ebola symptoms, and must be treated to avoid spreading the disease quickly. CBS TODAY Healthwatch Ebola frontline: Doctors, sufferers find slivers of hope in Liberia Locals’ skepticism of Ebola and its treatment are only assisting the virus spread in West Africa.

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Research has shown that whenever bystanders have CPR teaching, they are more likely to do this. Bystanders who phone 911 and begin CPR supply the first essential links in a solid, interdependent ‘chain of survival,’ Hazinski said. ‘With activation of 911, early bystander CPR, rapid defibrillation, effective advanced life support and integrated post-resuscitation care, survival prices following sudden cardiac arrest can surpass 50 %. That’s significantly higher than the 7 % to 9 % average survival price in the U.S. However, nothing is likely to happen unless there’s a bystander who recognizes the arrest, phones 911 and starts CPR to start out that chain of survival.