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Antidepressants during pregnancy present remote risk of birth defects According to the latest study the newer antidepressant drugs referred to as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors only slightly raise the threat of birth defects in pregnancy. Two new studies have concluded that though there can be an increased risk it is remains an extremely remote one. The researchers at the U canadian pharmacy .S. Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance say SSRIs, may well cause a very small increase in the number of heart defects, a defect of the brain, a kind of abnormal skull development and a gastrointestinal abnormality.

But in the aftermath of 9-11, new concerns have arisen that the smallpox virus could be used as a bioterrorist agent. Disease experts fear that samples of the smallpox virus may possess fallen into the hands of terrorists at some point. This concern has led to the creation of world-wide stockpiles of the smallpox vaccine over the last several years. Kronenberg said that if further study continues to validate the efficiency and security of Dr. Crotty’s finding, ‘we may one day see high-quality batches of anti-H3 antibody stockpiled around the world right with the materials of smallpox vaccine. ‘While we do have a smallpox vaccine, there are concerns because people who are immuno-compromised cannot utilize the current vaccine,’ he added, ‘including infants and the aged.’ Additionally, if there were a smallpox outbreak, there would be a certain time lapse just before all social those who have not been inoculated could receive the vaccine.