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Tablets and readers.

Technology can’t ever replace a parent's interaction with his or her child. Simply speaking with your child is the best way to encourage learning Dr. Milanaik stated.. Children who play noneducational games using touch-display screen have lower verbal check scores A recent research by pediatricians from the Cohen Children's INFIRMARY of NY examined infants 0-3 years old which used touch-screen gadgets to determine if their make use of was of any educational benefit to infants and toddlers. The study showed that children who played non-educational games using touch-screen gadgets had lower verbal ratings upon testing. The results also demonstrated that although nearly all parents cited in the study believed their children received educational benefits by using smart phones, tablets and readers, there was no statistical difference in developmental ratings in children who played educational video games versus noneducational games.But according to experts, the antibacterial and immunity enhancing qualities of breast milk protect the newborn. ‘Currently, NEC is difficult to take care of. We watch and wait, and in some cases we use medical interventions,’ said Elizabeth Pontarelli, MD, a study fellow at Children’s Medical center Los Angeles and business lead researcher on the analysis. ‘Mortality for the most severe type of NEC approaches completely.’ In recent years, researchers at the laboratory of Dr. Henri R. Ford at Children’s Hospital LA demonstrated that breast milk induces expression of the protein Pgp, which may be protective against gastrointestinal irritation. Still, there remained an unanswered question: What component in breast milk is in charge of generating this protein? Building upon this initial work, Dr.