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Closing the dispute between your two companies.

The look of BioGenex’s items are for high throughput at an inexpensive of ownership, providing simplicity and maximum versatility for clinical diagnostics, lifestyle science research, and medication discovery.. BioGenex settles patent case with Ventana BioGenex Laboratories announced funds of patent litigation with Ventana Medical Systems , closing the dispute between your two companies. Within the settlement, the ongoing parties decided to cross license many of their patents.Whenever we reviewed the data this past year, we had been shocked by the number of participants who had already died in this study, Bowden said. We wanted to find out if there were any predictors of who would succumb versus those people who are still living. In a group of people who are already at high risk, we were searching for a way to identify which individuals were at actually higher risk for early death, with the purpose of selecting interventions or ways to focus health care and attention toward those individuals at highest risk.