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Ashtanga Yoga History and Theory In case you are interesting in taking on yoga.

Ashtanga Yoga – History and Theory In case you are interesting in taking on yoga, Ashtanga yoga might be the kind of yoga for you . This popular type of yoga has an interesting history. Sri Krishnamacharya at Mysore Palace established Ashtanga yoga originally. Krishnamacharya is in charge of influencing many modern forms of yoga practiced today. The Ashtanga Yoga trained by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India, is the most faithful to Krishnamacharya’s teachings. It had been developed for teenage boys originally, but is popular with people of all ages now. It is an aerobic type yoga, which is physically demanding. The main focus is certainly on vinyasa, which are a series of movements combined with particular breathing patterns.

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