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Aaron Kowalski, Vice President, JDRF, said: Providing progressively more complex artificial pancreas systems may be the core of JDRF's artificial pancreas research strategy. Such an approach we can transform technology into patient-centric items as the technology advances and to progressively improve type 1 diabetes management. A predictive algorithm technology that can reduce or potentially avoid hypoglycemic occasions will outcomes in significant benefit to our patients, while we pursue our broader eyesight of automated artificial pancreas systems fully. We anticipate the continued focus on this project also to bettering the lives of those with type 1 diabetes through our joint attempts.Chao Ming Zhao, China Biologic’s President & CEO, said, We have become pleased to receive the SFDA’s acceptance to enter clinical trials for our individual fibrinogen product. Our human fibrinogen is made using our developed fresh manufacturing process internally, which improves product quality, compared with available products in the Chinese marketplace. The new process increases plasma utilization and production efficiency also. We plan to protected a patent for our making invention. We believe this new item will advance our plasma protein advancement pipeline also. The phase III scientific trials are expected to last about 2 yrs, after which we will begin commercial sales and production, assuming the clinical trials prove that the product provides the effective and safe treatments we expect.