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And her music video has racked up 150 million views about YouTube alone.

He adds that America is becoming the ‘Idiocracy’ depicted in the Mike Judge film by the same name. ‘In Idiocracy, the globe is usually populated by morons and ruled by evil companies that manipulate consumers into buying commercial poisons. The justice program has devolved into humor theater and it news is indeed dumbed-down that actually the bimbos reading the wire information teleprompters have no clue what they’re discussing.’ In other words, it depicts modern-day time America. Turning America around for the betterAdams can be an optimist, however. ‘I really believe dumb and lazy Americans will suddenly are more intelligent if we can pass a federal law that lowers public college test score specifications,’ he says. ‘On paper, we could regain our leadership as the utmost academically advanced nation in the world!’ Note for individuals who take this too seriously: Both song and this content are presented tongue-in-cheek for comedic porpoises.But, is it worth the burden on the family and the healthcare system if evidence implies that diabetic retinopathy doesn't reach afterwards a treatable stage until years?’ However, experts say the exception is normally high-risk patients . They should begin diabetic retinopathy screenings upon analysis, very similar to adults with type 2 diabetes, until additional data showing otherwise becomes available. Diabetic retinopathy may be the leading reason behind blindness among working-age adults in the usa and affects close to 8 million people.