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According to a fresh Northwestern Medicine research.

‘Almost all of moms in this research reported taking prenatal vitamin supplements, which may be the nice reason their own supplement D levels were adequate, but the infants born to the obese moms had reduced degrees of supplement D,’ stated Jami L. Josefson, M.D., first writer of the study. ‘It's possible that vitamin D gets sequestered excessively fat rather than transferred sufficiently from an obese pregnant female to her baby.’ Josefson can be an associate professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg College of Medication and an attending doctor at Ann & Robert H.If needle decompression is conducted before the person gets to the emergency department, transport to the nearest medical center is essential. Definitive treatment involves placing a plastic material tube within the chest cavity, through a little incision near the armpit, under suction and water seal. This chest tube might need to stay in place for some days before it can be removed. A simple pneumothorax frequently is treated in an identical fashion to the tension pneumothorax with a upper body tube and admission to a healthcare facility. If the simple pneumothorax is small, rather than expanding, the physician may try various inhalation techniques with 100 percent oxygen to trigger spontaneous re-growth of the collapsed lung segment.