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Signs budget Gov.

Calif . Gov. Signs budget Gov. Jerry Dark brown signed the bill shortly before a midnight deadline. The legislature also passed a measure that kills the Healthy Family members medical insurance program and techniques nearly 900,000 low-income children to Medi-Cal. Los Angeles Times: Jerry Brown Indicators Budget That DEPENDS ON Voter-Backed Taxes Hikes The tax query isn’t the only one hanging over the brand new budget, sunday which takes effect. Republicans are threatening to withhold votes have to extend a fee on healthcare suppliers, and a controversy over how aggressively the condition can scoop up cash from defunct redevelopment agencies could lead to a legal faceoff with local governments .

Even more on the egg recall: Egg Recall Farms Associated with Habitual Violator Egg Recall Hits 550M, Among Largest ever sold Tainted Egg Recall Expands to Half Billion More on egg safety: Industry egg safety site Cal-Maine has been actively monitoring this situation, and as as we learned of the extended recall soon, we immediately started notifying the affected customers, said Cal-Maine President Dolph Baker. non-e of the eggs had been stated in Cal-Maine’s facilities or operations. The most common symptoms of salmonella are diarrhea, abdominal fever and cramps within eight hours to 72 hours of eating a contaminated product.