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The antibody sticks and recognises to a cell-surface receptor.

The BDU can make experimental medication and biological research products such as antibodies which can target cancers cells in a far more specific way than traditional chemotherapy treatments. These medicines will be taken directly into early scientific trials of sufferers with cancer over the UK article . The first product manufactured in the new device is an antibody made to supercharge the body’s disease fighting capability to fight tumor – an antibody known as Chi Lob 7/4.

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Cancers Vaccine – Synthetically generated glycopeptides from tumor cells may stimulate the formation of specific antibodies Tumor cells and healthy somatic cells differ in the structures on their surfaces. Because these distinctions between surface area antigens are minimal frequently, all initiatives in this direction have far failed thus; it is not feasible to elicit a targeted immune response directed specifically against the tumor cells. A united group of researchers headed by Horst Kunz in Mainz, Germany, has now come a step further. They have successfully developed a artificial vaccine that induces a solid and particular immune response against the desired tumor antigen in mice.