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It includes four 3 m2 wall space that work as displays and has 40 industrial.

This immersive virtual reality system is a pioneering design at world level that’s adaptable and based on widely available gadgets and pc technology. It includes four 3 m2 wall space that work as displays and has 40 industrial, low-price projectors that are controlled by 12 PCs. Low priced, versatility and high res are some of the features of the new CAVE, which works together with a variety of projector models that can be substituted at at any time for newer or cheaper ones . This architecture is based on a multi-projector scheme in passive stereo system that provides high luminosity and 2000×2000 pixel quality on each of the walls .

CBO Director discusses health care spending growth Congressional Budget Office Director Peter Orszag about Thursday at a hearing of the Senate Budget Committee said that federal government shelling out for Medicare and Medicaid would increase from on the subject of 4.5 percent to about 20 percent of U.S. Gross domestic product by 2050, CongressDaily reviews. At the hearing, the initial in a series on health care costs, Orszag said, Increasing healthcare costs and their consequences for federal health insurance programs constitute the nation’s central fiscal challenge . He added, The rate at which healthcare costs grow in accordance with income can be the most important determinant of the long-term fiscal balance; it exerts a considerably larger influence on the budget over the future than other typically cited factors, like the aging of the population .