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Avanafil long-term phase 3 trial in erection dysfunction meets primary endpoints VIVUS.

Avanafil long-term phase 3 trial in erection dysfunction meets primary endpoints VIVUS, Inc. today announced that excellent results from a pivotal stage 3 open-label scientific trial evaluating long-term protection and efficacy of the investigational medication avanafil for the treating erection dysfunction were shown at the 2011 Annual Achieving of the American Urological Association in Washington, D.C. The top-line results have been previously reported; however, the display by Dr. Belkoff marks the very first time these results have already been presented at a significant medical meeting. The analysis met all major endpoints by demonstrating sustained improvement from baseline in erectile work as measured by the Sexual Encounter Profile and improvements in the International Index of Erectile Function .The CDC’s Vital Symptoms report, published Nov. 5 on the agency’s website, discovered one in three adults between the age groups of 50 and 75 aren’t getting tested regardless of the medical guideline screening tips for their age groups. The %age of that age group with up-to-date recommended screenings improved from 54 % in 2002 to 65 % in 2010 2010, through increased usage of colonoscopy over that point primarily. The brand new report – – which looked at 2012 statistics – – found that the rates had been about 65.1 % last year, which may suggest a leveling off. CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden informed reporters Tuesday that it’s a really disturbing truth that screening prices remained less than they should end up being when it’s known that colorectal malignancy testing can save lives.