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A fresh study says there might be less reason for alarm sexual problems.

Breast cancer study queries impact of family’s genes Woman whose family members carry the BRCA mutation linked to breasts cancer often fear the worst sexual problems . A fresh study says there might be less reason for alarm. PICTURES: 25 breasts cancer myths busted The study found women whose family members carry mutations of the BRCA gene – but don’t themselves have the mutations – aren’t at an increased risk to develop breast cancer. This new research gives reassurance to noncarriers that they do not have an elevated risk, study author Dr.

But the parallel is definitely striking and it’ll be interesting to see if this decline continues over the next few years. Further evidence of this parallel was highlighted in the Lancet the other day by Dr David Brewster, director of the Scottish Malignancy Registry. He discovered that the number of breast cancer situations diagnosed among 50-64 yr olds in Scotland fell from 1470 in 2000 to 1387 in 2005 corresponding to a dramatic drop in HRT prescriptions by more than 50 percent. Dr Lesley Walker, Cancers Study UK’s director of tumor information, said: We have seen cases of breast cancer increase continually for many years so it is very positive to discover that incidence of this distressing disease among ladies in their 50s is normally levelling off.